We hire the “who” and not the “what”


At KLA Schools we hire the “who” and not the “what”, considering who you are is as important to us as what you know. We are currently seeking individuals that are creative, team players, curious, and willing to be facilitators of children’s learning while believing in the child’s competency and potential. We are looking for professionals who embrace children’s ideas, points of view and participation in their learning experience; providing all the tools for the right person (who) to succeed no matter what you have accomplished in the past (what).

As a school, we appreciate and encourage our educators’ professional development as a resource in understanding more and more about the child’s thinking and learning processes. We provide an environment that fosters opportunities for our teachers to grow personally and professionally.

When you become part of our teaching team, you become part of a family of educators who are supportive, caring and passionate. Not just with children, but with each other.

Our Founders

The "Who"

• All about people
• Innovative
• Hard-working
• Always learning
• Team Player
• Passionate

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  • Community environment – strong friendships with co-workers
  • Teacher discount for child care
  • Competitive wages
  • Generous paid time off policy & paid holidays for qualifying staff
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Growth opportunities
  • Support and appreciation from administration, owners & staff


Dear Families,

Welcome to KLA Schools of Sweetwater!

We are Sanam and Anup Madampath.  Originally, from Columbus, Ohio, we moved to the Austin area in 2012.  We are proud parents of two daughters, Sanjana and Aria.  Having raised two children and undergone the search for the ideal school, we embarked on this project to contribute to the next generation and build the type of school to which we would send our children.  Our belief about education is a four-fold:

  1. All children learn in a unique way and it is important to nurture an environment where all learning styles are encouraged
  2. Children are naturally curious and allowing curiosity to flourish can drive rich experiences
  3. It is important to ensure that children are ready for subsequent phases of education
  4. Learning must be fun

Our Mission for KLA Schools of Sweetwater is to nurture the next generation of collaborative leaders and creative, environmentally responsible thinkers, by igniting children’s innate capacity to learn.

Anup has over 15 years of Leadership and Management Consulting experience. He has advised Fortune 500 C-Level Executives on Business strategies and strategic initiatives.

I am a Certified Montessori Teacher for ages Birth to 3 years of age.  I also hold a National School Administrator Credential and a Child Day Care Management Certificate.  I have attended several NAREA (North America Reggio Emilia Alliance) Conferences in Miami and Boston.  I was fortunate to attend Harvard University’s Education Learning Lab and Boston University’s Education Learning Lab to study and view projects related to Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.  I have also received extensive professional development related to the Reggio Emilia Approach.

After being a Lead Teacher in both Montessori and traditional preschools, I noticed a lot of variances among learning styles in children.  In a traditional setting, learning is done in a structured way with very little focus on social and emotional skills.  In a Montessori method, the lessons are highly individualized and classroom materials are designed to introduce particular concepts with an intended scope.  With so many different learning styles of children, I started researching to find an educational philosophy that’s natural and the visibility of progression of learning is clear.  My research and curiosity led me to Reggio Emilia Approach.  It was at that point in my teaching career when I realized it was time to make my dream a reality.  Anup & I began researching Reggio Emilia inspired schools in the US.  Our search took us to KLA Schools headquarters in Miami, FL and we became part of the KLA Schools Franchise family in May of 2017.

What I love about Reggio Emilia is that this philosophy and approach encourages learning in a social context; where relationships, communication, and cooperation all yield learning.  Reading, writing, and other developmental skills are interwoven in project learning.  The classrooms are full of open-ended materials (i.e. loose parts) to engage children in discussion, work, and play.  Reggio inspired programs believe the child is an active participant in their learning.  Even though the curriculum is led by the interest of the children, the teacher is an active participant in facilitating the learning.  Teaching happens through project work where math, science, language arts, performing arts, and visual arts happen simultaneously to make strong connections of learning.  One of the key principles of the Reggio-inspired approach is The Hundred Languages; it emphasizes the importance of providing children with one hundred ways to share their thinking of the world around them.  One of my favorite quotes from Loris Malaguzzi is…

The child
Is made of one hundred.  
The child has
A hundred languages
A hundred hands
A hundred thoughts
A hundred ways of thinking,
Of playing, of speaking.

What I love most about the Reggio Emilia Approach is the dedication to the Atelier.  An Atelier is a space for children to experiment artistically through mediums, using the language of art.  You will find that our Atelier is equipped with clay, wire, paint, pens, paper, beads, shells, and a variety of natural materials.  Our State-of-the-Art Atelier supports many experiences and ongoing projects that invigorate the lives of the children and teachers.  It is a beautiful space brimming with natural light, creativity, and curiosity.

With so much focus on the inside of the school, how could we leave the children’s favorite part out…the playground! Our idea was to create a natural-organic playground.  Some of our natural elements include: wooden playhouse, trike path, log tunnels, hill slides, obstacle course, and many more unique experiences! I must also highlight our Friendship Bench - simple idea is to eliminate loneliness and foster friendships on the playground.  For our young Golfers, we have a golf green area to practice short swings and putting. We can’t wait for you to come see our playground!

In addition to the Reggio Approach and to keep up with today’s tech-savvy world, we both felt having a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Atelier is a must and a great compliment to our program.  Our STEM Atelier is a place where children have more constructive means of expression to explore their interest, experiment, and test out hypotheses.  There are extensive reports on how early exposure to STEM supports academic growth, critical thinking, and reasoning.  We cannot wait for you and your child(ren) to experience this learning space and to see how we stimulate the left side of the brain!

We truly believe KLA Schools of Sweetwater provides a positive and rich learning environment for your child(ren).  The first five years of child development have the greatest impact on your child’s life.  With the power of a strong leadership team and passionate, nurturing teachers, KLA Schools of Sweetwater will surely make a positive impact in your child ’s life.  We look forward to meeting you and your family soon!

Best regards,
Sanam & Anup Madampath

Our Founders

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